PAPESandy Pape, DDS
Dr. Pape earned her doctorate from the University of Texas Health Care Center, which is one of the premier dental schools in the USA. After graduating in the top of her class, Dr. Pape undertook a general practice residency with the Navy in Bethesda, Maryland, where she fell in love with surgery. However, she dreamed of becoming a true comprehensive dentist so she could serve more people. Always striving to be the best she could be, Dr. Pape consistently achieved the highest physical fitness test standards for males while supporting the Marines during the Persian Gulf War. After being augmented to Lieutenant Commander in four short years (usually it takes six years), Dr. Pape left the Navy and found herself heading south to warmer climates, ultimately choosing the southernmost point of the USA as her new home. Dr. Pape loves the water, the weather, and the close-knit community of eclectic people drawn to a small island life.

Dr. Pape opened her own practice in Key West in 1993. She has been working tirelessly ever since to provide the highest quality of care to her family of islanders in the most affordable and accessible way possible. Currently, she is affiliated with the Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association, and American Association of Women Dentists.

Dr. Pape lives her dream of comprehensive dentistry through the employment of top-notch associates. The Isle Smile dental team contributes an expanded scope of skills, services, and experiences that would not happen with just one doctor. Isle Smile has the proven ability to provide a wide variety of services for people of all ages, including preventative care, cosmetic and full mouth rehabilitation, teeth whitening, BOTOX®, dermal fillers, straightening teeth, root canals, wisdom teeth removal, implants, dentures, crowns, fillings, sedation, and more. These services are all provided under one roof.

In her habit of striving for the best, Isle Smile is able to provide all of these services using the latest technology while pursuing the best dental experience for you, including digital 3D imaging to enable the discovery of abnormalities in the airway, sinus, and jaw while enhancing the placement of implants and the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth.

Dr. Pape’s second passion after dentistry is interior design. Her dental office looks and feels quite different than most other dental offices. Our abundance of Caribbean color and local artwork offers you a warm and comforting welcome which is complemented by the creative use of space within this conch house office. Dr. Pape looks forward to serving you and your family and friends to keep your oral health the best it can be.

RaviRavi Ramjit, DDS
Dr. Ramjit graduated in the top of his class from Howard University’s College of Dentistry in Washington, DC. He specializes in implants and Invisalign® as well as general dentistry. He is a new father and loves to work with children.

Deborah J. Michael, DDS, MS
Dr. Pape and I attended dental school together and our friendship has flourished throughout the years. My visits to Key West have been treasured experiences. The opportunity to practice my specialty and provide outstanding orthodontic care for children, teens, and adults residing in the Florida Keys is exciting to me. I look forward to helping you quit hiding your smile, feel more confident, make it easier to clean your teeth, handle any gum issues, and chew pain-free with a healthy, functioning bite. My goal is to make you feel special as we create a smile worth smiling about!

I have just retired from the United States Army Reserves after completing 30 years of service from 1987 to 2017. Through the Army Reserves, I have had the opportunity to participate in humanitarian aid missions to Mongolia three times and once to Indonesia. It has been a real privilege to represent our country in missions that bring modern medicine and dentistry to very rural areas of the world. I am honored to have received the American Association of Women Dentists Award for Demonstrating Academic Excellence and Outstanding Leadership.

I grew up on Long Island in New York, moved to Texas for dental school, and then on to Colorado with the Army in 1987. My husband, Jim, enjoys biking and scuba diving and we have two children. My son, Michael Murphy, graduated dental school in June of 2017 and has moved to NYC for a general dentistry residency. My daughter, Reese Murphy, is in law school at the University of Baltimore. Before retiring each night, I like to read. Still a kid at heart, I enjoy Disney movies and have to get to Disney World at least once every five years.