Dental X-rays are useful diagnostic tools and are recommended during routine dental checkups based on your age, oral health, and risk for disease. Dental X-rays can be used to find cavities, examine the health of your tooth roots and surrounding bone, and monitor developing teeth as well as the overall health of your jawbone.

Our dental X-rays are digital. Digital imaging uses significantly less radiation than traditional X-rays. While traditional X-rays use film that has to be developed in a dark room, digital imaging sends the X-rays directly to a computer. The image can be viewed immediately on screen, saved, emailed, or printed out. Our staff can enlarge and enhance digital images on the computer, which makes it easier to spot any dental issues and to show you a problem area. Isle Smile is able to provide the latest technology while pursuing the best dental experience for you, including digital 3D imaging to enable the discovery of abnormalities in the airway, sinus, and jaw while enhancing the placement of implants and the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth. Our dentists can create clear, 3D images that will help them plan complex dental procedures with the use of I-CAT Cone Beam 3D imaging. Our dentists can easily spot the tiniest changes in your smile by using this software.

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