What You Can Expect With a Tooth Extraction

Typically, when a tooth is broken or has tooth decay it is repaired using a dental crown or a dental filling. Our team at  goes to great lengths to save your teeth whenever possible. Unfortunately, there are times when a tooth has sustained severe damage that it will need to be extracted and replaced with a tooth… Read more »

With Early Attention, a Failing Dental Filling Might Be Replaced

A dental filling is generally used to repair an area of tooth enamel that has been compromised by a small cavity, chip, or a minor case of dental attrition. This treatment basically replaces the original tooth enamel with a dental material such as composite resin. Consistent oral hygiene habits can help a dental filling last… Read more »

Effectively Brighten Your Smile This Season With Our Teeth Whitening Treatment

If you are tired of the stains discoloring your pearly whites, you are not alone. Did you know that teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental treatments in dentistry today? Well, it’s true! And since professional teeth whitening by your dentist is still the most effective way to brighten your teeth, Dr. is… Read more »

Receding Gums: All You Need to Know

There are many things that can irritate your gums. When they are irritated, they can shift and move away from the teeth, exposing the roots. This can cause sensitivity, an unattractive smile, and even a lowered self-esteem. If you have receding gums in , , our dentist, Dr. , and our dental team are happy… Read more »

Oral Health Care Procedures: Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is a very serious condition that if left unchecked could result in the loss of life. Oral cancer screenings should regularly be taken to confirm your teeth and gums are not affected. Have you had your oral cancer screening yet with your dental checkup? In the US alone, more than 40,000 people every… Read more »

How to Properly Clean Your Teeth Each Day

In order to have a successful and effective oral hygiene routine, you need to use the best cleaning techniques possible. To help you, Dr. would like to explain a top-notch brushing technique so you can help your smile remain in top-notch condition. The first thing you need to do is reach for your soft-bristled toothbrush… Read more »

A Cavity Can Sometimes Be Treated with a Simple Dental Filling Treatment

If you are remiss to brush your teeth twice and floss once each day, then you are putting your teeth at increased risk of suffering a cavity. This is even more likely to be a problem if you also procrastinate your regular dental checkups at Dr. ’s office. With early diagnosis, a small cavity might… Read more »

A Partial Denture Can Help Replace the Presence of Multiple Teeth Lost to Dental Trauma

An unprotected blow to the face during sports has the potential to traumatize multiple teeth. While dental fractures can often be treated with a dental crown or root canal, some cases of dental trauma can be more severe. If the tooth or the socket has suffered severe harm, Dr. might recommend extracting the remnants and… Read more »

Back to the Basics

The easiest way to treat a cavity is to not have one in the first place! To help enjoy a bright and healthy smile, remember these basics:     Eat Balanced Meals: What you put into your mouth directly affects your dental health. Eat a diet full of calcium-rich food, such as cheese, milk, and… Read more »

How Can Dental Erosion Be Prevented?

Did you know that dental erosion is caused by a deterioration of your tooth enamel? Tooth enamel, the protective layer of your teeth is extremely strong and durable, but sadly is no match for many types of harmful acids that can invade your mouth. The bacteria in plaque can even convert dangerous substances such as… Read more »