With Early Attention, a Failing Dental Filling Might Be Replaced

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A dental filling is generally used to repair an area of tooth enamel that has been compromised by a small cavity, chip, or a minor case of dental attrition. This treatment basically replaces the original tooth enamel with a dental material such as composite resin.

Consistent oral hygiene habits can help a dental filling last for many years. However, if you struggle to brush and floss regularly, or you have a bad habit of procrastinating your routine dental exam, the dental filling’s relationship with the surrounding tooth enamel can gradually start to weaken.

This could cause mild discomfort in the tooth, heightened sensitivity, or a change in the color of the surrounding tooth enamel. If you are experiencing a problem with one of your dental fillings you need to seek timely treatment at Dr. Sandy Pape’s dental office.

Sometimes, Dr. Sandy Pape can treat a small compromised dental filling by removing it and applying a new dental filling. This often calls for removing a small amount of the tooth enamel to prepare a strong surface to bond the dental filling in place.

If you are in the Key West, Florida, and you are experiencing symptoms of a compromised or distressed filling, you should call 305-293-1660 to have it examined and treated at Isle Smile.