What You Can Expect With a Tooth Extraction

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Typically, when a tooth is broken or has tooth decay it is repaired using a dental crown or a dental filling. Our team at Isle Smile goes to great lengths to save your teeth whenever possible. Unfortunately, there are times when a tooth has sustained severe damage that it will need to be extracted and replaced with a tooth replacement option, such as a dental bridge or dental implant.

Our dentist, Dr. Sandy Pape, offers tooth extractions for our patients needing help with damaged teeth in Key West, Florida. If you need to have a simple extraction done, Dr. Pape will use a dental elevator and a dental extraction forceps. The elevator effectively loosens the tooth and the dental extraction forceps successfully removes it.

If you are nervous about having a tooth extracted, we can tell you that you may feel pressure but you should feel no pain. Our caring and experienced team will make sure that you are made as comfortable as possible during the extraction procedure.

Once your tooth has been extraction, the healing will begin. To expedite the healing process, stick to a soft diet for a few days, use ice packs outside the affected area to help with swelling, and gently rinse your mouth using warm salt water to keep the extraction site clean as it heals.

Once the area has fully healed we can restore your smile to full function and appearance with a tooth replacement restoration. Now that you know what to expect from a tooth extraction, we hope you will let us help you with yours. Please call our team at 305-293-1660. We look forward to helping you with all of your oral health needs!