The Placement Process of Dental Fillings

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Getting a cavity is not something anyone really wants. Still, one can form in our teeth if we are not careful. In this case, a filling may be used to restore the tooth. If you are unfamiliar with fillings or are just curious, we can explain the placement process for you.

You can relax knowing that we try to keep you as comfortable as possible during our treatments. We can use one of our sedation methods to help minimize discomfort, if it is necessary.

The first step is for our dentists to take out the parts of the tooth that have decayed. Unfortunately, these parts can no longer serve you, but our dentists can clear them away to save the healthy parts of your tooth.

Once the decay is clear, the cavity may need to be shaped just a bit more as well. This reshaping can help the filling to stay in the tooth and not fall out easily. There is always a chance it can fall out, but as you are careful, it can hang in there for years.

Once that is done, the filling can be placed in the tooth. It should make the tooth strong enough to eat with and protect the area from further decay.

If you struggle with a cavity, we can help you here at Isle Smile in Key West, Florida. You can consult with Dr. Sandy Pape to learn more about fillings or other treatments that can be used. Call us at 305-293-1660, and we will get everything set up for you!