Back to the Basics

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The easiest way to treat a cavity is to not have one in the first place! To help enjoy a bright and healthy smile, remember these basics:  
Eat Balanced Meals: What you put into your mouth directly affects your dental health. Eat a diet full of calcium-rich food, such as cheese, milk, and low-sugar yogurt. Protein-rich foods such as meat, poultry, fish, and milk are excellent sources of phosphorus, which, alongside calcium, helps to build tooth enamel. Fruits and vegetables provide fiber to balance out their natural sugars, and provide water to rinse out the mouth. Avoid food products with lots of added sugars.
Drink Water: Water rinses away the food particles, acids, and sugars from your teeth and gums. Fluoridated water, available to about 75% of the United States, provides a substance called fluoride. Fluoride helps by fortifying teeth against the acid that causes cavities.
Stay away from additives. While it is tempting to add a squeeze of citrus to your water, remember that constant exposure to such acids is bad for your teeth. Stick with plain water when you can; your teeth will thank you!
Brush: Brush your teeth! Just two minutes, twice a day, with an ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Replace the brush once every 3-4 months; sooner, if it looks frayed or worn. Use short, back-and forth strokes. Be sure to brush the entire tooth–inside, outside, and chewing surfaces.
Floss: Floss once a day. Scraping the plaque from between teeth helps reduce risk of cavities by reducing the amount of acid-producing bacteria present in the mouth. If you don’t want to use dental floss, choose a different interdental cleaner specifically designed for that purpose, such as a dental pick.
Visit Your Dentist: Of course, visiting your dentist regularly will help by finding any problems early, providing you with the best protection against cavities.

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