A Positive Oral Health Care Outlook with Sedation Dentistry

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Did you know that sedation dentistry is a highly effective and highly popular form of dentistry used to help relax patients? Although many individuals often associate visiting the dentist with pain, you’re welcome to speak with your dentist about the use of sedatives for numerous treatments to help eliminate pain or anxiety you may feel.

The level of sedation that is needed often facilitates which type of sedation will be required. If an individual is looking to be put into a level of deep sleep, general anesthesia can be used. Anesthesia is extremely effective because it can be used to put a person to sleep from which they will not wake up until the sedative has completely worn off.

For an adjustable sedative, intravenous sedation and oral sedation can be used. Whereas intravenous sedation is directly injected into a patient’s veins and can be extremely fast-acting, oral sedation often requires the ingestion of a pill up to an hour before any procedures can be given. For a mild form of sedation that can help relax a patient, gases such as nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, can be used.

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