A Dentist Can Safely Whiten Your Teeth by Administering a Dental Bleaching Treatment

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Tooth enamel that has been altered by significant dental stains can leave you feeling self-conscious when you smile. If the discoloration has deeply saturated your teeth the retail whitening products sold in stores will likely prove ineffective. Over using these items can potentially damage your tooth enamel or significantly irritate your gums.

If you have been struggling to deal with significant dental stains you should consider setting up an appointment with a dentists like Dr. Sandy Pape. After a basic examination, they might recommend performing a dental bleaching treatment to safely restore your naturally white tooth enamel.

After they has fully removed the dental stains from your teeth, our dentists will help you understand your options for preserving your professionally whitened smile. Cutting back on certain foods and dark beverages like coffee, tea and cola will help minimize the recurrence of dental stains.

Some people also like to occasionally brush their teeth with whitening toothpaste that has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance to remove minor surface stains.

Your routine dental checkups at Isle Smile will further help to monitor the general health of your teeth and other oral structures. The outpatient appointment also includes a professional dental cleaning which will also serve to polish away minor dental stains.

If you live in the Key West, Florida, area and you have noticed dental stains developing on your teeth, you should call 305-293-1660 to set up a dental bleaching treatment with Dr. Sandy Pape.