A Chipped Dental Veneer Needs Professional Care

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A special type of dental grade porcelain or composite resin is often used in the creation of dental veneers.  These materials are very good at mimicking the appearance of naturally white tooth enamel. Once a dentist like Dr. Sandy Pape installs them onto the faces of your teeth the dental veneer will effectively improve the appearance of your smile.

Most dental veneers cover the face of a tooth as well as the occlusal biting edge. Yet it is worth noting that these materials are not as hard as your natural tooth enamel.

If you frequently bite into hard foods or your use your front teeth to tear off pieces of tough food, it could potentially chip the biting edge of a dental veneer. In a severe case this fractured dental work could affect the dental structure beneath. This could lead to sensitivity and increasing discomfort.

In a situation like this it is best to have the affected tooth examined and addressed at Isle Smile. After assessing the damage to the dental veneer and the tooth Dr. Sandy Pape will present you with the most applicable treatment plan.

This might call for completely replacing the damage dental veneer or completely restoring the tooth with a porcelain dental crown.

If you live in the Key West, Florida, area and you have a chipped or fractured dental veneer, you should call 305-293-1660 to have it examined and treated at Isle Smile.