3 Easy Habits to Break for Better Oral Health

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All of us want as strong a smile as possible. While we know good habits to have for strengthening our smiles, like brushing twice daily, flossing every day, and coming in for regular cleanings here at Isle Smile, there are some simple things we do that can actually cause some serious harm.

Chewing ice – Many people chew on ice to pass time at work, as a substitute for unhealthy snacks, or even to curb addiction. But ice can really hurt your mouth, chipping or cracking teeth. Ice has an incredibly hard molecular structure that requires a lot of bite force to break through. If you need something to chew on, consider switching to sugar free gum.

Using teeth to open things – Another practice that can chip or crack your teeth is using them to open objects, from soda bottles to ketchup packets. This can be convenient, especially if you have a weak hand grip or greasy fingers. But our teeth are not really designed for that kind of work, and can suffer serious consequences. Use some other tool, instead.

Cough drops – Everyone hates a cough, but you probably hate cavities even more. Cough drops often have as much sugar as any hard candy, and sugar in the mouth increases your teeth’s chances of developing cavities. Be sure to brush thoroughly after taking a cough drop.

Healthy habits are essential to a strong smile. If you want to start a new dental regimen, or get back on track with your current one, give Dr Sandy Pape a call at 305-293-1660. Your smile is our priority.